Feeling Invisible
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I remember feeling invisible; wishing someone would notice me.  It was as if I was locked inside myself and dying to break out so the world could see how amazing I was.  My repeated experience (or at least my memory of it) was one of quiet desperation.  I was either too reserved to speak up [...]

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The Giving Spirit
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Recently I read an inspiring story about a woman afflicted with Multiple Sclerosis who experienced a remission of symptoms after following a prescription to give “29 gifts in 29 days.”   In the spirit of the holiday season, giving is on everyone’s mind.  But is it in everyone’s heart?  Do we give because we truly want [...]

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It’s Not Fair
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It’s not fair!  Life is so hard.  I wish I didn’t have to……. Sound familiar?  If you’re a parent, you’ve heard these claims from your children several times.  It’s so tempting to feel victimized by life, especially as an adolescent.  There are many things that are out of their control.  Tweens and teens need to [...]

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