It’s Not Fair
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It’s not fair!  Life is so hard.  I wish I didn’t have to…….

Sound familiar?  If you’re a parent, you’ve heard these claims from your children several times.  It’s so tempting to feel victimized by life, especially as an adolescent.  There are many things that are out of their control.  Tweens and teens need to be reassured that they do have personal power and choices.

Following is an excerpt from Tween You and Me that explores this topic:

“Sometimes life is so hard!”

Yes, life can be hard!  Often, you’re faced with challenges that require a lot of strength and courage.  You may wonder when life will get easier.  The truth is, that as long as you live, you’ll be faced with new experiences that challenge you.  The good news is, that each time you overcome a difficulty you gain more confidence in your ability to handle the next challenge.  Whenever you’re tempted to focus on how hard a situation is, try seeing it as an opportunity instead.  Chances are, this challenge is an opportunity for you to become a better, stronger, or smarter version of you.

Think of a time when you were younger and were learning to tie your shoes.  It seemed so difficult then.  Now that you’re grown, you may wonder why you thought it was so hard.  There are hundreds of examples like this that show you how often you’ve conquered a challenge.

You have tremendous strength within you.  That inner strength is always there when you need it.   Believe in your own power to face the challenges in your life. 

 Repeat these words:

I have a huge amount of inner strength to deal with the challenges of life.  I now see challenges as opportunities to learn about myself. I see a courageous and confident me.

 Each page of Tween You and Me covers a typical adolescent sentiment, offers insight, and ends with a related affirmation.  The reader learns how to use her feelings as teachers; build confidence in her ability to face challenges as opportunities; and develop True Inner Strength – the kind of strength that allows her to be who she really wants to be in every situation.

Tween You and Me makes a great gift for preteen girls.  To purchase a copy, click here.



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