Words have power!  However, the effectivness of our words depend largely on how we use them.  Word selection, timing, and tone are critical factors in communication.  Following is a link to an article from tweenparent.com related effective parent-tween interactions.  Hope you enjoy… http://www.tweenparent.com/articles/view/243

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The Real World
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Cautions from childhood echo in my ear, “What are you complaining about?  Wait til you’re an adult in the real world.  Then you’ll know problems!”  Dismal warnings like this were enough to make me want to curl under my covers and hope that Peter Pan would rescue me from becoming an adult.  Feeling overwhelmed and [...]

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Do You Yell at Your Children?
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Do you yell at your kids?  This question was presented to me by a parent of 3 young children.  Had I not asked this same question multiple times as a young mother hoping for absolution, I may have been more reticent and less truthful in my answer.  My neck and jaw may have stiffened as [...]

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April Fool’s Day Choice
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Because I live with a husband who is a life-long prankster, as well as 3 young children who are eager to learn tricks of the trade,  April Fool’s Day ranks right up there with the other major holdiays for my family. Walking through this day is like walking through a mine field – I never know what [...]

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