Chasing Beautiful
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“Who does the mirror say I am?  Could I be like someone who matters even for a moment?  Chasing beautiful.”

These words stopped me dead in my tracks when I first heard them sung by Heather Vassar.  In her song titled Chasing Beautiful Heather captures the desperation of a girl searching for her own beauty.  “Will someone love me?  Will someone save me?”  With beauty being ever-elusive, she proclaims that she is tired of running, tired of chasing.  Will she ever ‘catch’ beautiful?

What young girl doesn’t at some point doubt her worthiness, her beauty?  In the absence of confirmation, or in spite of it, she can’t help but doubt the world’s perception of her.  Why?  Because she doubts herself.  She looks in the mirror searching for beauty and instead finds self-criticism.  She is conditioned to find fault, programmed to desire perfection.

Until we see beauty within, we will fail to see it outside of ourselves.  The eyes cannot see what the heart has not perceived.  Now, the million dollar question – how do we learn to love ourselves?  We start by taming the beast within – the one we’ve allowed to run amuck.   We must silence the bully inside and give the cheerleader a microphone.

It sounds cliche to say that real beauty comes from within. But it couldn’t be more true.  When we value and accept ourselves, owning our unique contributions, we radiate confidence and beauty.  The beauty of a girl who is comfortable in her own skin is undeniable.

My teen daughter recently returned from Girls Leadership Institute camp.  This camp inspires girls to be true to themselves, awakening them to authentic leadership.  Upon my arrival to retrieve her from three weeks of fun inner strength training, my daughter proclaimed, “I feel so beautiful here.”  Tears of joy filled my eyes.  It took me many more than 14 years to feel beautiful.

It was through GLI that I found yet another way to spread feelings of beauty in the world.  The mission of Operation Beautiful is to post anonymous notes in public places for other women to find.  ‘Transforming how we see ourselves one post-it note at a time.’  Genius!  I was excited to get on board.  Here’s a note I posted at my health club:


Loving ourselves is a lifelong journey.  We don’t find self-love and stop living.  We press through challenges, sometimes losing sight of our beauty.  But what is once captured is easier to retrieve.  You know where it hides.  Stop chasing.  Stop judging.  Start loving.

p.s. You’re beautiful!

Questions and Actions:

  • When you look in the mirror, what do you see?
  • What is beautiful about you?
  • How can you make someone else feel beautiful today?
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