deb-dunhamDeb Dunham is passionate about nurturing the self-esteem and independence of young people. She believes that every child is lovable, capable, and valuable. More importantly, she wants them to believe it too. Her specialty is helping young people feel really good about themselves and guiding their caregivers toward the same goal. In addition to creating workshops for preteens and their parents, Deb is author of Tween You and Me: A Preteen Guide to Becoming Your Best Self.

Deb’s background has been one of healer and advocate for all ages, as a Physical Therapist, Birth Doula, and mother of three children, including two tweens. Deb is also self-employed as an adult educator and has taught ancillary programs on disability awareness and health education to elementary students. Deb’s volunteer experience encompasses her interest in supporting children and families. She has volunteered with homeless shelters, Special Olympics, and summer camps for inner city families. To all her roles, Deb brings a balance of creativity, inspiration, and practicality that motivates all who work with her.

The Back Story

The bio tells you who I am – a passionate advocate of self-esteem.  Now I’ll share one of the reasons why I am so passionate about this topic.

When I was a tween, I visited a plastic surgeon for removal of a suspicious mole.  At his own behest, the misguided doctor took pictures of my profile to demonstrate an unrelated point, “Your nose is too big and your chin recedes.  These features are supoosed to line up.  Yours don’t.  I can fix your face for you when you’re 16.” 

In essence, an educated male authority figure told me that my face was wrong and needed to be fixed.  My tween brain absorbed this information as fact.  Mortified and humiliated, I dragged my now-repulsive self-image through a painful adolescence.

As a grown woman who has worked hard to recover from a damaged self-esteem, it is my mission to protect other young people (and old) from the pain of self-doubt.  Every person deserves to enjoy the benefits of healthy self-esteem.  I’m here to show you how.

You may be wondering….did I ever have the suggested facial surgery?  No – though I was tempted.  Instead, I learned to love myself first, then married a man who cherishes strong ‘ethnic’ features.

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