Tween You and Me is a positive and empowering book in which Deb Dunham, tween self-esteem expert and mentor, provides the tools a tween needs to feel really good about herself. Tweens (ages 9-12) learn how to use their feelings as teachers; feel confident in their ability to face challenges as opportunities; and develop their True Inner Strength – the kind of strength that allows them to be who they really want to be in every situation.

This book can help a tween become her best self.  Enjoy watching her discover the strength within.


The Tween You and Me Journal is more than just blank pages! This journal contains writing prompts to assist a tween in getting to know her true self. When a tween knows a lot about herself, it’s easier for her to make choices that are right for her. Journaling gives a tween the chance to practice expressing herself clearly so that when she needs to speak up for herself, she knows exactly what she wants to say. People who can express themselves clearly get more of what they want and less of what they don’t want, including respect. Encourage that inner voice to come out!

Praise for Tween You and Me

Finalist in 3  Book Award Contests




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