A Sensitive Boy
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Part I:  A Vicious Cycle Once upon a time there was a sensitive boy.  He cried at the drop of a hat.  This annoyed the boy’s father who tried to toughen him up.  “Don’t be a sissy!” Dad said, which made the boy want to cry even more. But he knew it wasn’t safe. Instead, [...]

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The Bystander
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I suppose I could have assumed that I hadn’t heard the whole story when my tween told me that a friend had been bullied at school and that my daughter had defended her.  But, to be honest, the topic of bullying has become so common these days that I’ve become a little desensitized to it.  Today’s [...]

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Woman Attacks 5 Year Old On School Bus
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When I heard this headline I was shocked, but not really.  The story is a familiar one.  Child bullied.  Parent angry.  Blame.  Retribution sought.  Tempers flared.  Inflamed reactions.  It happens in schools, hockey rinks, playgrounds – anywhere children interact. We might agree that the parent who exerts her force against another child on behalf of [...]

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Mean Girls
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Have you read the lastest article in the Boston Globe titled, “The Untouchable Mean Girls“?  It details a raw and painful account of a pervasive adolescent problem – bullying.  As a tween self-esteem expert, I am asked repeatedly by parents for my opinion on the topic.  Parents stare at me, wide-eyed, like deer in the [...]

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