Believing in Magic
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If the Tooth Fairy hadn’t fallen asleep before doing her job, a certain 10 year old might have continued to believe in fairies, Santa, and a candy-delivering bunny.  As it were, the whole lot was exposed at once.  The tragic reveal went something like this:   Daughter: “Mom, the Tooth Fairy didn’t come!” <sniffle> Mom: [...]

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You may be familiar with the expression, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”  If this is true, I must be insane. Frequently, my husband and I pack up our family for weekends at a family camp.  We manage, most times, to remember everything and everyone. (The movie ‘Home Alone’ [...]

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My tween is learning the challenge of honoring a committment.  And I am challenged by his resistance to it.  Old fashioned values would dictate that he play out his baseball season despite a loss of enthusiasm.  He made a committment to the team, after all.  I subscribe to this value even though the path of [...]

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April Fool’s Day Choice
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Because I live with a husband who is a life-long prankster, as well as 3 young children who are eager to learn tricks of the trade,  April Fool’s Day ranks right up there with the other major holdiays for my family. Walking through this day is like walking through a mine field – I never know what [...]

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Version 3.0 – This, too, Shall Pass
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Given that I already had a son and a daughter 17 months apart, it came as a surprise to many when I gave birth to a third child almost five years later.  Curious relatives wondered why my husband and I would add to our ‘perfectly traditional’  4-person family.  We entertained ourselves with various responses to this query.  My favorite [...]

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