Affirmation Dance Video
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Approximately 2.5 million people watched adorable Jessica’s ‘Daily Affirmation’ dance.  Jessica is 12 now and having an “I like myself and I can do it” life experience according to various interviews.  Anyone can harness this joy.  Start talking back to that inner critic and do an affirmation dance of your own.  Mirror work is powerful.  [...]

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If you’re interested in the topic of cyberbullying and like to keep on top of the trends in order to protect your tweens and teens, please follow this link to an article by Rachel Simmons.  It outlines a perverse new website that you should be aware of.  http://www.tweenparent.com/articles/view/249

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The following link forwards to an article written by a teen at RadicalParenting.com.    I share it with you because it is a very typical example of the critical and defeating inner dialogue of an adolescent girl.  It reminds us that exterior image or impression is not necessarily indicative of one’s inner sense of self-worth.  A bold, beautiful, accomplished [...]

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Words have power!  However, the effectivness of our words depend largely on how we use them.  Word selection, timing, and tone are critical factors in communication.  Following is a link to an article from tweenparent.com related effective parent-tween interactions.  Hope you enjoy… http://www.tweenparent.com/articles/view/243

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