Appreciating Motherhood
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When my daughter was little and I was having a moment of frustration, she asked me candidly, “Mom, do you like being a Mother?  Because sometimes it seems like you don’t.”  I was crushed.  I’ve never forgotten her worried eyes staring up at me. Motherhood can be draining.  It can be thankless and difficult and confusing.  [...]

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I read a poll claiming that, “one gift that seemed most important to women on Mother’s Day was quality time alone.” As a mother of young children, this statement did not shock me; this is exactly what I ‘ask’ for each year.  I felt partially vindicated to learn that  I’m not the only ogre whose greatest [...]

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4 Ways To Increase Appreciation
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An unusaul and wonderful thing happened to me today – I felt appreciated.  Who knew that a yearly performance evaluation at work could lift my spirits so much?  In the 18+ years of my professional career, I’ve had numerous reviews of my work, and all have been largely positive.  But never before have I skipped away, [...]

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