Self-sufficiency is directly related to self-esteem.  The more a child can do for himself, the more capable he feels.   A child who feels capable has a sense of control over his life.  He feels competent because he recognizes his strengths. This, in turn, adds to his sense of self-worth. When we honor a tween’s ability to [...]

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Expectations Spelled Out
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Long ago, when my three children were small, I felt the need to get the rules straight.  During a particularly trying day, it became obvious that a clear set of guidelines was necessary.  Following the assumption that a child cannot be expected to face consequences if she doesn’t know what’s expected of her, the Family [...]

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Start Lists, Stop Nagging
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“I don’t want to be a nagging mother.  I want everyone to do their part without me asking repeatedly.”  I moaned. Teen daughter responded matter-of-factly with an irrefutable truth, “It’s just not going to happen, Mom. So accept it.” She’s right, of course.  A family in which the children operate as self-sufficient, self-motivated, responsible team members without [...]

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A Little Trust Goes A Long Way
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I remember the day I felt grown up for the first time.  I was 8 years old, spending the summer at a beach house.  Older friends had decided to walk to the local ice cream store – one that I had never been to without my parents.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to join [...]

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Friend Problems
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“Mom, I NEED to talk to you.  I’m having friend problems.” Oh-oh.  Here we go.  Entering into familiar tween territory.  My youngest daughter entered third grade this year with such a definitive shift in awareness, attitude, and emotion, that I’m considering nominating her for tween poster child.  It’s as if my daughter’s eyes have been [...]

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