Appreciating Motherhood
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When my daughter was little and I was having a moment of frustration, she asked me candidly, “Mom, do you like being a Mother?  Because sometimes it seems like you don’t.”  I was crushed.  I’ve never forgotten her worried eyes staring up at me. Motherhood can be draining.  It can be thankless and difficult and confusing.  [...]

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Be honest, did you read the title of this article and feel drawn to hear the dish?  Was there even a hint of interest in something that might surprise you, wow you, or horrify you?  If the answer is yes, you’re not alone.  People are drawn to gossip like mosquitoes to a lamp.  Similar to entranced insects, we should [...]

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Attitude of Gratitude
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Tis the season to give thanks.  Well, it should always be the season to give thanks.  But it’s nice that we get a whopping reminder to be grateful at least once a year. There are many benefits to holding an ‘Attidue of Gratitude.’  When we concentrate on what we’re grateful for rather than what’s troubling us, [...]

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The post this week is a little delayed as I’m recovering from a 3-day power outage here in the Northeast.  As is typically the case with any crisis or loss, this event presented an abundance of opportunities for personal growth as well as teachable moments to benefit our children. There are distinct differences in the [...]

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Show Yourself the Love!
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Is it okay to love yourself?  You bet!  Then why do we often equate self-love with vanity?   Why is it that many girls and women acquire the habit of treating others with more love and kindness than themselves?  Denying ourselves the love that we need is a form of self-neglect – anorexia of the heart.  Starved [...]

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