Feeling Invisible
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I remember feeling invisible; wishing someone would notice me.  It was as if I was locked inside myself and dying to break out so the world could see how amazing I was.  My repeated experience (or at least my memory of it) was one of quiet desperation.  I was either too reserved to speak up [...]

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Following a discussion about preteen stress, my 11-yr old daughter looked at her 5-year old sister and said, “I feel so bad that she’ll have to learn about grownup stuff some day.  She’s so oblivious and happy now.”  My tween was reflecting on her own recent transition to a broader awareness. When girls enter tweenhood, [...]

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The following is an excerpt from a post at Radical Parenting by Gema – an 18-year old from Miami, FL.  It’s nice to get perspective on tweenhood from someone who was more recently a tween.  She writes: I’m a firm believer in having no regrets. I think that our mistakes and our reactions to them are [...]

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Tween Turning Heads
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The following is an excerpt written by Deb Dunham for Radical Parenting – Parenting From The Kid’s Perspective.  To view the entire article, follow the link below. My twelve year old daughter is grabbing the attention of boys.  Quite frankly, I’m at a loss.  While vacationing at a lake this summer, we were introduced to [...]

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Back to School Tips for Parents
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With one tween off to Middle School for the first time, another who would “rather lick my shoe” than go to school, and a little one starting first grade, emotions were high on this first day of school.  It was entertaining to watch the morning unfold.  Like a three-ring circus, each of my children had [...]

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